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Chengdu Dongda Foods Co.,Ltd(DDF), a company with more than 20-years experiences in exporting mushroom, wild mushroom, vegetable and wild vegetable, was located in Chengdu Plain being well-known as the enormous produce.

DDP engaged in planting, producing various salted, boiled and dehydrated vegetable and mushroom. She is exporting company with the planting, producing, processing and marketing. DDP , with 5.8 million total property, exported more than 2000MT per Year, whose the 3 subsidiary factories covers 13,988㎡, with 8,986㎡ construction building, and the Material base(Authorized by CIQ) 3000 mu(2000000㎡)

Today DDP processes a wide variety of salted, boiled and dehydrated vegetable and mushroom to suit consumers' wide-ranging needs, comprising champignon mushroom, shiitake mushroom, Oyster mushroom, jitake mushroom, abalone mushroom, Columnar Agroc, huang mushroom, matsutake mushroom, Yellow Morel, kuai mushroom and tigerhand mushroom, nanohara, fuki, eggplant, sweet potato vine,takana, lettuce, scallion, green pepper, wasabi, horseradish, Perillafrutescens L., kogomi , fern, wild fuki and bamboo shootsand multiple specification and packaging also available according customer’s require.

DDP will follow her managing philosophy “Honesty&Reality, Enterprise& Deploitation”and promote the Green, Healthy and Safe produces to the customers scattering all over the world.

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